Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two Magic Keys to be Good Entrepreneur and Businessman

Business is always change, problem mostly come and go, which is appear from internal or personal things and also from the sorrounding environment.

There are many ways that applied by people to push their business’s train on the right track, or track that will lead to  the successfull station.  They will prepare to set up their business as well as they can do, doing new inovation, take action for diversivication in business. Anything what they did to raise the business the main keys are the inovation, creativity and the last but not leas is honesty.

To create and boost your entrepreneurship spirit you must brave to face failure and be creative. The successfull gain isn’t without get fail to catch the dreams, but is a person who can always get up and stand up whenever they failed and falled down. Because they always get optimistic in any cases if they failed they will mention its as lessons and the nominal losts is a cost to pay if only they go for university....of life ofcourse.

1.       The mindsetting for unbreakable  persons to reach their goal;

·         Full of responsibility

·         Be different in thougth, learning from the losts

·         Knowing and understand sharply that failure is part of good sign or even bad sign of the bussiness.

·         Positive orientation is neeed

·         Failure is part of success

·         Confident and believe that is a way for every problem we meet.

2.       Be creative

Creativity will be raise by using the right part of the brain, it influence us to think and being skilled differenly than the others. Creativity is very helpfull to recover us whenever we got trough the failure and it s end up by creating a powerfull spirit of entrepreuneurship.